Monday, 1 October 2012

My Autumn brides heart Minerals

Over the summer, I've been introducing my brides to one of my favourite make-up brands, Bella Pierre. It's a brand I like to use when doing bridal make-up, and I'm always picking up new items for my kit. I'm going to be using Bella Pierre on my Autumn brides, who have loved the results of their make-up trials. Here's a list of the reasons I swear by it:

1. It's a perfect solution for sensitive skin, with natural ingredients
2. It's so light, people always tell me how it 'feels like I'm not even wearing make-up'
3. The foundations give a perfect, sheer coverage, while still looking natural on the skin
4. I often customise eyeshadow, blusher, lip, and even nail colours by mixing together the huge range of natural colour pigments - so my brides can have their own unique colour palette for their special day
5. The range of products also includes skincare. I love to use the cleanser and moisturiser - perfect prep for the foundations.

Vibrant make-up for Diva Dogs Day

Yesterday I drove out of London and into the Essex countryside to work at Diva Dogs Day, which will soon be featured on Channel 5. The make-up team prepared 4 models, using bright fuchsia tones teamed with high, tight pony tails and 50's inspired quiffs. Each model was given an adorable and immaculately dressed pup to present on the 'fashion dog-walk'.